Slide Collection


This collection of 35 mm slides inludes approximately 70,000 images depicting the university, staff, and students. This collection comes largely from the university's Photo Services Unit which ceased operations in 2001. The collection has been supplemented with contributions from individual donors and other campus units. The vast majority of images are in color. Older images are often reproductions of images found in the University Photograph Collection.

Individual faculty, staff, and administrators can be located by looking through images related to the departments in which they worked or those with which they were most often identified with. The exception are the university presidents which are listed individually. A name index locating individuals in the University Slide Collection is available at the bottom of this page.


A small sampling of images have been digitized and are available online at the following locations:


The slide collection is organized using the same record group system as the University Archives. For convenience, the collection has been broken down into the series listed below. Due to the frequent request for images of buildings, each building is listed individually. 


This series lists the University Presidents that are included in the slide collection. In addition there are several boxes with images of the president's families and office staff.

TitleDatesBox Folder
Eaton, Gordon: Inauguration (51 slides)198726
Hilton, James Harold (50 slides)1963-197223
Jischke, Martin (106 slides)1991-199827-8
Jischke, Martin: Roads Scholars (55 slides)199629
Parks, William Robert (126 slides)1965-198624-5
President's Office Staff (10 slides)199021
Presidents and Acting Presidents (10 slides)undated22


This series lists all former and current buildings that are included in the slide collection. For some buildings interior and exterior shots are available. Folders titled "Campus Scenes" and "Aerial Views" typically highlight more than one building in the image.

TitleDatesBox Folder
Aerial Views (245 slides)1971-1996281-2
Agronomy (86 slides)1952-199934
Alumni Hall (Enrollment Services Center) (119 slides)1940-199935
Applied Sciences Complex (7 slides)1990-200136
Armory (18 slides)1956-198737
Atanasoff Hall (19 slides)1968-200038
Atomic Research (2 slides)197439
Barns (13 slides)1971-1978310
Beardshear Hall: Exterior (352 slides)1949-200141-2
Beardshear Hall: Interior (74 slides)undated311
Bessey Hall (76 slides)1963-199843
Bevier House (7 slides)197444
Beyer Hall (34 slides)1973-200047
Black Engineering (113 slides)1983-200045
Brenton Center, Curtiss Hall (5 slides)200046
Building P (14 slides)197948
Campanile (689 slides)1949-200051-4
Campus Railways: Dinky (1 slide)undated55
Campus Railways: Dinky (8 slides)1971286
Campus Scenes (100 slides)1967-1979271
Campus Scenes (547 slides)1969-1987261-5
Campus Scenes (591 slides)1968-1988251-5
Campus Scenes (599 slides)1948-1979241-5
Campus Scenes: Animals - Swans (75 slides)1977-2000273
Campus Scenes: Animals (55 slides)1997-1999272
Campus Scenes: Lake Laverne (25 slides)1974-1978274
Campus Scenes: Trees and Flowers (410 slides)1978-1999275-7
Campus Scenes: Winter (3 slides)1997278
Carver Hall (62 slides)1983-200056
Catt Hall (231 slides)1956-200061
Cemetery (1 slide)194862
Child Development: Home Economics Practice House (9 slides)195263
Classrooms: Iowa Communications Network (22 slides)199764
Coburn House (6 slides)197565
Communications Building (43 slides)1975-1976, undated66-8
Coover Hall (46 slides)1971-197869
Curtiss Hall (134 slides)1969-2000610
Cy-Ride Garage (5 slides)1983611
Dairy Industry (13 slides)1974-198071
Davidson Hall (32 slides)1941-198472
Design Center (220 slides)1975-199873-5
Durham Center (134 slides)1989-199876
East Hall (12 slides)1963-199677
English Office Building (20 slides)1976-199878
Enrollment Services Building (1 slide)197779
Extension Service (4 slides)undated710
Farm House (134 slides)1969-1999711
Fisher Theater (51 slides)1972-2000712-14
Flagpole Raising (8 slides)undated81
Food Sciences Building (71 slides)1966-200082
Forker Building (10 slides)1975-197783
Fountain of the Four Seasons(192 slides)1998-199984
Friley Hall (4 slides)1976-198785
Gateway Center (47 slides)1974-197886
Genetics Lab (7 slides)199788
Gilman Hall (58 slides)1949-199987
Greek Houses (22 slides)198889
Hamilton Hall (19 slides)1968-1978810
Hawthorn Court (8 slides)1999812
Heady Hall (20 slides)1971-1989811
Hilton Coliseum (63 slides)1978-1982813
Hilton Coliseum: Construction and Opening (102 slides)1971-197591-5
Hog Pavilion (2 slides)197396
Horse Barns (14 slides)1973-198197
Horticulture Hall (77 slides)1973-198798
Howe Hall (101 slides)1987-199999
Hub, The (38 slides)1979-1988910
Industrial Education (3 slides)1973115
Information Center (1 slide)1996116
Insectory (6 slides)1979117
Iowa State Center (122 slides)1967-2000104-7
Iowa State Center: Construction (171 slides)1971-1975101-2
Iowa State Center: Construction (480 slides)1973-1980111-4
Iowa State Center: Construction (108 slides)1973-1982108
Iowa State Center: Construction (120 slides)1974-1975911
Iowa State Center: Proposed Renderings (145 slides)1965103
Jack Trice Stadium (272 slides)1974-1984231-2
Jack Trice Stadium (318 slides)1973-2000, undated228-11
Jacobson Athletic Building (13 slides)1994-1996121-2
Judging Pavilion (2 slides)1974123
Kildee Hall (20 slides)1978-1997124
Knoll, The (76 slides)1964-1996125
Lab of Mechanics (2 slides)undated126
Lagomarcino Hall (104 slides)1958-1998127-8
Lake Laverne (59 slides)1940-1999129
Landscape Architecture Building (30 slides)1953-19991210
LeBaron Hall (52 slides)1959-20001211
Library (120 slides)1960-19841212
Library (179 slides)1965-1985131-3
Library (443 slides)1930-2000141-3
Library Addition III (304 slides)1980-1982134-6
Lied Recreation Center (91 slides)1990-2000, undated144-5
Livestock Intensive Disease Isolation Facility (12 slides)1999146
Mackay Hall (72 slides)1953-1998147
Margaret Hall (6 slides)1938148
Marston Hall (122 slides)1951-1998151
Meat Lab (57 slides)1973-1999153-4
Meat Lab: Linear Accelerator (13 slides)1992-2000152
Memorial Union (323 slides)1962-1985155-8
Memorial Union (432 slides)1966-2000161-3
Metallurgy Building (9 slides)1952-1971165
Metals Development Lab (15 slides)1965-1997164
Molecular Biology Building (196 slides)1989-2000166
Morrill Hall (105 slides)1953-1999171
Music Hall (143 slides)1979-1994172
National Swine Research Center (34 slides)1996-1999174
Naval Science (ROTC) (11 slides)1973173
North Hall (2 slides)1880175
Norton House (6 slides)1975176
Nuclear Engineering Building (12 slides)1953-1975177
Off-Campus: City Of Ames (197 slides)1949-2000283-4
Off-Campus: Des Moines (104 slides)1975-1989285
Office and Laboratory Building (7 slides)1952-1974178
Old Main (10 slides)1892-1900179
Olsen Building (24 slides)19751710-11
Osborn Cottage (29 slides)1973-1999181
Palmer Building (34 slides)1999-2000182
Pearson Hall (17 slides)1977-1998183
Physical Plant (67 slides)1973-2000184
Physics Hall (46 slides)1968-1998185
Plaques (2 slides)undated186
Pope House (3 slides)1975187
Power Plant (Brochure) (120 slides)1985-2000188
Reiman Gardens (383 slides)1995-2001189-10
Research Park (143 slides)1989-1999191
Ross Hall (57 slides)1968-1999192
Scheman Building (282 slides)1973-1999193-8
Science Buildings (64 slides)1968-1997199
Seed Lab (8 slides)1979-19811910
Seed Lab: Dedication (79 slides)1978201
Shattuck Theater (13 slides)1971-1973202
Sloss House (14 slides)1974-1990203
Snedecor Hall (19 slides)1973-1999204
Soil Tilth Lab (79 slides)1987-2000205
South Hall (1 slide)undated206
Spedding Hall (10 slides)1975-1997207
State Gym (9 slides)1975-1985208
Stephens Auditorium (150 slides)1978-2000209
Stephens Auditorium: Construction (240 slides)1967-19722010-11
Stephens Auditorium: Construction (313 slides)1967-1972211-3
Stephens Auditorium: Opening (152 slides)1968-1971, undated214-7
Student Health Center (6 slides)1973218
Sweeney Hall (37 slides)1973-1998222
Sweeney Hall: Addition (100 slides)1994219
Sweeney Hall: Addition (68 slides)1994221
Temporary Building (12 slides)1973223
Tennis Courts (1 slide)1984224
Town Engineering (80 slides)1973-1998225-7
Tree Moving (18 slides)1978234
Veenker Golf Course (24 slides)1992-2000233
Veterinary Medicine Complex (150 slides)1973-1985235-7
Victory Bell (1 slide)undated238
Wilhelm Hall (2 slides)1997239
WOI-TV Studio (1 slide)19532310

Academic, Administrative, and Research Units

This series lists campus units that are represented in the collection. For each department there may be images of faculty and staff, classroom scenes, and administrative activities. The series is listed alphabetically by title.

TitleDatesBox Folder
Admissions, Office of: Recruitment (20 slides)1997311
Admissions, Office of: Scheduling, Registration, and Commencement (65 slides)1966-1980312
Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Department of (20 slides)1996, 2000399-10
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Department of (266 slides)1999, undated371-3
Agricultural Education and Studies, Department of: Steers, Yearlings, Swine Farm, Grain, Corn (49 slides)1971-1973374
Agricultural Experiment Station (6 slides)1973-19773611
Agriculture, College of: Administration (2 slides)1999365
Agriculture, College of: Big Gift Announcement (34 slides)1999364
Agriculture, College of: Research Plants (167 slides)2000366
Agriculture, College of: Staff and Administrators (30 slides)1975, 1997368
Agriculture, College of: Women in Science and Agriculture (73 slides)undated367
Agronomy, Department of: Faculty and Staff (39 slides)1999, undated375-6
Alumni Affairs, Office of (14 slides)1969551
Alumni Association (13 slides)undated552
Alumni Band (169 slides)1981-1993, undated553-6
Ames Laboratory: Research Programs (25 slides)1971, undated545
Animal Ecology, Department of (37 slides)1975, 1999377-8
Animal Science, Department of (22 slides)1978379
Art and Design, Department of (179 slides)1949-1978, undated1322-4
Atanasoff-Berry Computer Replica (10 slides)1997544
Biology and Biochemistry and Biophysics Programs (5 slides)undated5213
Biotechnology, Office of (35 slides)1985, undated3011
Botany, Department of (32 slides)1973-2000425
Brenton Center (48 slides)19953610
Business Affairs, Printing (38 slides)1997294
Business and Finance, Office of Vice President (10 slides)undated31
Business Graduate Programs (37 slides)199513210
Business, College of: Office of the Dean (30 slides)19981326
Campaign Destiny LOGOS (42 slides)1996-1997549
Career Planning and Placement Services (63 slides)1995-1999298
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Department of (31 slides)1971-1998, undated3913-14
Chemical Engineering, Department of: Chemistry/ Engineering/ NOBL (297 slides)1981-20003911-12
Chemistry, Department of (27 slides)1969-1988426
Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Department of: Camp Marston (103 slides)1956-19763916
Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Department of (7 slides)19963915
Curriculum and Instruction, Department of (34 slides)19953810
Design, College of: Baskets (32 slides)1975-19761321
Economics, Department of (49 slides)1926-1997427-10
Education, College of: Centers (14 slides)1989397
Education, College of: Office of the Dean (95 slides)1996, undated387-9
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Department of (43 slides)1997391-2
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of (73 slides)1971-1996401-2
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (54 slides)1976212
Energy Research House (239 slides)1977-1979801-2
Engineering Fundamentals and Multidisciplinary Design, Division of (9 slides)1968-1971404
Engineering Science and Mechanics, Department of (17 slides)1971403
Engineering, College of: Town, 4-H Camp, Office Dinner, Cabinet Dinner (74 slides)1966-1973398
English, Department of (59 slides)1999, undated4211-12
Enrollment Services (21 slides)1997, undated3012-13
Entomology, Department of (10 slides)1962-19873710
Executive Vice President / University Relations (11 slides)1988, undated296
Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics (101 slides)1949-1975541
Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics (463 slides)1955-1996, undated531-5
External Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice President for (10 slides)1996295
Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Department of (3 slides)1999-2000412
Family and Consumer Sciences, College of: Office of the Dean (115 slides)1974, 19994011-12
Fire Service Extension (114 slides)1974-1994542-3
Food Science and Human Nutrition, Department of (116 slides)1971-1975411
Food Science and Human Nutrition, Department of (105 slides)19744016
Food Technology, Department of (40 slides)19493711
Forestry, Department of (1 slide)19783712
Foundation, Iowa State University (25 slides)undated557
Graduate College (19 slides)1967, undated309-10
Green Hills (22 slides)1986558
History, Department of (29 slides)20014213
Horticulture, Department of (8 slides)1996-19973713-14
Horticulture, Department of: Horticulture Station (71 slides)1965-1984383
Horticulture, Department of: Research (257 slides)1973-2000381-2
Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, Department of (161 slides)1958-1999, undated413-4
Human Development and Family Studies, Department of (1 slide)19971339
Human Development and Family Studies, Department of (73 slides)1999, 20014013-15
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Department of: Robotics (35 slides)1968-1969, undated405
Information Technology Services (ITS) (2 slides)1971305
Information Technology Services (ITS): Cyclone Computer (168 slides)1959306-7
Instructional Technology Center (ITC) (110 slides)1971-1990301
Instructional Technology Center (ITC) (151 slides)20002910
Iowa Communications Network (ICN) Classroom (24 slides)undated308
Kinesiology, Department of (20 slides)19981338
Landscape Architecture, Department of (25 slides)19741325
Latino/a Studies Program (40 slides)1996-1999523
Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of: Office of the Dean (12 slides)2001, undated423-4
Library (336 slides)1971-19951316-14
Management, Department of (32 slides)1995, 19981327-8
Marketing, Department of (21 slides)19981329
Materials Science and Engineering, Department of (27 slides)1997, 2001408-10
Mathematics, Department of (25 slides)1998-1999, undated4214-16
Mechanical Engineering, Department of (10 slides)1996407
Mechanical Engineering, Department of (5 slides)1971406
Memorial Union: Administration (70 slides)1977-1982559
Microelectronics Research Center (14 slides)undated546
Military Science, Department of (128 slides)1974-1988431
Music, Department of: Basketball Pep Band (69 slides)1972-1994, undated471
Music, Department of: Choral Groups (9 slides)1969-1981433
Music, Department of: Jazz Band (14 slides)undated436
Music, Department of: Marching Band - Banner Corps (108 slides)1972-1991, undated463
Music, Department of: Marching Band - Directors (37 slides)1971-1989464
Music, Department of: Marching Band - Drum Majors (27 slides)1973-1991, undated465
Music, Department of: Marching Band - Twirlers (90 slides)1961-1992466
Music, Department of: Marching Band - VEISHEA (3 slides)1980 circa467
Music, Department of: Marching Band (173 slides)1948-1974437-8
Music, Department of: Marching Band (496 slides)1975-1987441-5
Music, Department of: Marching Band (210 slides)1981-1995, undated461-2
Music, Department of: Marching Band (563 slides)1987-1993451-6
Music, Department of: Marching Band and Pep Band (185 slides)1993-1996472-3
Music, Department of: Performances (18 slides)1973435
Music, Department of: Performances: Students and Concert on the Green (49 slides)1996-1999434
Music, Department of: Students (65 slides)1994-1995432
Orchestra Performances (135 slides)1969-1973299
Philosophy, Department of (9 slides)1995481
Physical Education and Leisure Studies, Department of (59 slides)1996-2001, undated393
Physical Education and Leisure Studies, Department of: NAIADS (120 slides)1975-19773811
Physical Education and Leisure Studies, Department of: NAIADS, Driver’s Safety (44 slides)1974-19763812
Physics, Department of (31 slides)1980-1990482
Physics, Department of: Atanasoff-Berry Computer (106 slides)1974-1990483
Plant Pathology, Department of (11 slides)1996, 1999384-5
Plant Sciences Institute (328 slides)1999-200113211-14
Plant Sciences Institute (624 slides)1999-20011331-7
Political Science, Department of (12 slides)1996, 2001484
Provosts, Vice, Assistant and Associate (10 slides)1996211
Psychology, Department of (13 slides)undated485
Public Safety, Department of (315 slides)undated32-3
Recreation Services (32 slides)1979-1989359-10
Registrar, Office of the: Commencement (492 slides)1969-2002361-3
Research Park (7 slides)undated110
Research, Office of the Vice President  (121 slides)1984-2001304
Residence, Department of (3 slides)1997-1999356-8
Residence, Department of: Residence Halls (594 slides)1963-1999351-5
Seed Lab (12 slides)1978386
Sociology, Department of (51 slides)1997 undated522
Speech Communication, Department of: Theater Program (397 slides)1950-1967486-9
Speech Communication, Department of: Theater Program (599 slides)1960-1970491-5
Speech Communication, Department of: Theater Program (595 slides)1970-1981501-5
Speech Communication, Department of: Theater Program (591 slides)1980-2001, undated511-5
Statistics, Department of (16 slides)1999-2000, undated516-8
Student Life, Office of: Dean of Students (115 slides)1984-1990313
Textiles and Clothing, Department of (238 slides)1971-1983421-2
Textiles and Clothing, Department of (54 slides)1972-1973415
Textiles and Clothing, Department of (459 slides)1999-2001416-11
University Marketing: Hixson Award Students (31 slides)1996303
University Relations (1 slide)1998297
Veterinary Anatomy, Department of (8 slides)19695210
Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Department of (19 slides)undated5211
Veterinary Medical Research Institute (17 slides)1996528-9
Veterinary Medicine, College of (296 slides)1956-2000524-7
Veterinary Pathology, Department of (11 slides)undated5212
Virtual Reality Applications Center (334 slides)1994-2001547-8
WOI Radio and Television (7 slides)undated302
Women’s Leadership Consortium (11 slides)undated213
Zoology and Genetics, Department of (11 slides)undated521


These images contain individual and team photos, scenes from athletic events, and some casual shots of athletes and coaches. Photos from the Office of the Director of Athletics are listed first, followed by coaches and trainers, and each sport alphabetically thereafter.

TitleDatesBox Folder
Athletics Logos (20 slides)1979-1983811
Athletics Council Scholarship Awards (16 slides)1988812
Director of Athletics (20 slides)1982-1987813
Coaches, Trainers, and Recruiting Aids (195 slides)1977-1991814-5
Coaches and Staff: Men’s Basketball (586 slides)1961-1991821-6
Coaches and Staff: Football (588 slides)1958-1983831-6
Coaches and Staff: Football (522 slides)1984-1994, undated841-7
Baseball (373 slides)1950-1986851-4
Basketball, Men’s (595 slides)1966-1975861-6
Basketball, Men's (433 slides)1976-1979871-6
Basketball, Men's (517 slides)1979-1981881-6
Basketball, Men's (529 slides)1982-1983891-6
Basketball, Men's (517 slides)1983-1985901-6
Basketball, Men's (578 slides)1984-1985911-6
Basketball, Men's (490 slides)1984-1986921-6
Basketball, Men's (495 slides)1985-1986931-6
Basketball, Men's (543 slides)1985-1987941-6
Basketball, Men's (475 slides)1986-1987951-6
Basketball, Men's (549 slides)1987-1989961-6
Basketball, Men's (575 slides)1988-1989971-6
Basketball, Men's (510 slides)1989-1998981-7
Basketball, Women’s (225 slides)1976-19821276-7
Basketball, Women’s (577 slides)1983-19861281-5
Basketball, Women’s (564 slides)1986-19881291-5
Basketball, Women’s (657 slides)1987-19981301-5
Cross Country, Men's (64 slides)1972, 19891272
Cross Country, Women's (70 slides)1977-19891315
Football: Individuals (460 slides)1966-1984991-5
Football: Individuals (629 slides)1983-19871001-6
Football: Individuals (580 slides)1986-19911011-5
Football: Individuals (387 slides)1991-19921021-4
Football (635 slides)1911-19721031-6
Football (609 slides)1973-19751041-6
Football (690 slides)1976-19771051-6
Football (590 slides)1978-19791061-5
Football (587 slides)1979-19801071-5
Football (612 slides)1980-19811081-5
Football (632 slides)1982-19831091-6
Football (583 slides)1983-19841101-5
Football (586 slides)1984-19851111-5
Football (639 slides)19851121-6
Football (591 slides)19861131-5
Football (519 slides)19861141-4
Football (555 slides)19871151-5
Football (520 slides)1987-19881161-5
Football (685 slides)19881171-5
Football (625 slides)19881181-5
Football (606 slides)19881191-5
Football (606 slides)19891201-5
Football (606 slides)19891211-5
Football (606 slides)1989-19901221-5
Football (594 slides)1990-19921231-6
Football (206 slides)1992-20001241-3
Golf, Men's (1 slide)undated1244
Golf, Women's (15 slides)1978-19791311
Gymnastics, Men's (320 slides)1968-1980s1245-7
Soccer, Women's (26 slides)1996-19981275
Softball (46 slides)1978-19841274
Swimming, Men's (60 slides)1970-19741248
Swimming, Women's (78 slides)1978-19791312
Tennis, Men's (4 slides)19711249
Tennis, Women's (60 slides)1978-19801313
Track and Field, Men's (33 slides)1981-198912410
Track and Field, Women’s (40 slides)1978-19971314
Volleyball, Women's (101 slides)1976-19941273
Wrestling (607 slides)1958-19831251-5
Wrestling (669 slides)1984-19901261-6
Wrestling (79 slides)undated1271

Students, Alumni, and General Topics

This series contains images of faculty and student groups such as VEISHEA and homecoming, alumni and former students, and general topics such as campus art, campus flooding, and student protests.

TitleDatesBox Folder
Ag Carnival (6 slides)1914-1921569
Alumni and Former Students (6 slides)1995-19995511-13
Alumni and Former Students (276 slides)1978-1999, undated561-6
Alumni and Former Students: Class of 1929 (13 slides)19845510
Art on Campus (313 slides)1978-2000287-8
Art on Campus (199 slides)1975-2000291-2
Artwork: Faculty Portraits (231 slides)1976-2001210
Blood Drive (19 slides)1989627
Cardinal Key (40 slides)1961-1966, undated567
Centennial Anniversary (11 slides)undated111
Cheerleaders and Pom Squads (547 slides)1950-1982601-6
Cheerleaders and Pom Squads (454 slides)1956-1992611-6
Conferences: American Indian Symposium (40 slides)199814
Conferences: Iceberg Utilization Conference (20 slides)197715
Conferences: Science, Technology and Development Conference (20 slides)199416
Cy (211 slides)1980-1993, undated621-3
Dairy Husbandry Club (4 slides)19505610
Dignitary Visits: Kennedy, Edward (3 slides)197418
Dignitary Visits: Khrushchev, Nikita (8 slides)undated19
Excursion Day (4 slides)1900-1906572
Flood of 1993 (181 slides)1993117
Flood of 1993: Maple Willow Larch Dining Center (45 slides)1993119
Flood of 1975 (6 slides)1975118
Fraternities and Sororities: Adelante - Kappa Alpha Theta (379 slides)1980-2001, undated633-30
Fraternities and Sororities: Kappa Delta - Triangle (272 slides)1995-2001, undated641-24
Graduate Club at Annual Cancer Awareness Run: STATERS Brochure (13 slides)1999571
Greek Life (191 slides)1997-1999, undated631-2
HEC Day (4 slides)1922-1928573
Hockey Club (26 slides)1971-1972574
Homecoming (355 slides)1948-1989575-8
Hot Air Balloon Club (10 slides)1989579
IITAP Indonesian Singing (20 slides)1996568
Iowa State Center: ZZ Top Concert, Shows, Monster Truck Rally in Hilton (110 slides)1980-1984293
ISU/Ames Joint Projects: Cy-Ride and Special Olympics (20 slides)1973-199811
ISU/Ames Joint Projects: Otillie Seed Farm (11 slides)199612
ISU Stampede Rodeo (60 slides)199913
KUSR: University Radio (16 slides)1974626
May Day, Fencing, Barrel Fire (13 slides)1908-1921, 19765710
Muscular Dystrophy Association and Dance Marathon (658 slides)1977-1986581-6
Muscular Dystrophy Association and Dance Marathon (650 slides)1972-1986, undated591-6
Political Demonstrations: Farm Crisis (69 slides)undated112
Political Demonstrations: Presidential Straw Poll in Ames (84 slides)1999113
Political Demonstrations: Nixon Pardon Protest (25 slides)1974114
Presidential Visits: Ford, Gerald (166 slides)197617
Pushball (16 slides)1977-19795611
Saint Patrick’s Day (7 slides)1914-1921624
Salsa Dancing (11 slides)1998625
Science and Technology Fair (20 slides)1997116
Shakespeare Festival (29 slides)1972115
Solar Car/Team PrISUm (111 slides)1996, undated5612
Student Life: Classroom Scenes (705 slides)1989-2001314-7
Student Life: Classroom Scenes (138 slides)1990-2001321
Student Life: General (142 slides)1989-2001339
Student Life: General (901 slides)1989-2001341-4
Student Life: Homelessness Awareness Concert (15 slides)1989322
Student Life: Minority Students (102 slides)1999-2000326
Student Life: National Merit Scholars (20 slides)1996-1997327
Student Life: Outdoor Scenes (101 slides)1975-2001328
Student Life: Outdoor Scenes (190 slides)1980-2001331
Student Life: Residence Hall Living (668 slides)1989-2001323-5
Student Life: Students on Campus (579 slides)1974-2001332-5
Student Life: Students in Computer Labs (199 slides)1990-2001336
Student Life: Students in Laboratories (35 slides)1980-1981337
Student Life: Students in Library (60 slides)1989-1996338
VEISHEA (545 slides)1925-1952651-7
VEISHEA (630 slides)1953-1956661-5
VEISHEA (485 slides)1957-1961671-5
VEISHEA (562 slides)1961-1966681-5
VEISHEA (609 slides)1967-1970691-4
VEISHEA (555 slides)1971-1975701-4
VEISHEA (593 slides)1975-1978711-5
VEISHEA (503 slides)1978-1980721-5
VEISHEA (532 slides)1980-1983731-4
VEISHEA (691 slides)1980 circa751-6
VEISHEA (234 slides)1980 circa761-2
VEISHEA (582 slides)1984-1989741-7
VEISHEA (195 slides)1990 circa763
VEISHEA (332 slides)1992-1994764-7
VEISHEA (311 slides)1998-2001771-3
VEISHEA (296 slides)undated774-7
VEISHEA (104 slides)undated781
VEISHEA: Cherry Pies (41 slides)2001782
VEISHEA: Closing Awards (30 slides)undated783
VEISHEA: Events (25 slides)1994784
VEISHEA: Parade (41 slides)1994785
VEISHEA: Parade: Non-traditional Floats (16 slides)undated786
VEISHEA: People and Events (22 slides)undated787
VEISHEA: Performances (7 slides)1994788
VEISHEA: Special Events (16 slides)1992789
VEISHEA: Sports Parade (38 slides)undated7810
VEISHEA: Stars Over VEISHEA (86 slides)19867811
VEISHEA: Stars Over VEISHEA (340 slides)1987791-3
VEISHEA: Stars Over VEISHEA (240 slides)1992-1995794-7
YMCA (3 slides)1967, 1989628

Name Index

This index can help locate people identifed in the slide collection. However, there are many other unidentified individuals. If a person you are looking for is not listed here, it may be worthwhile to look at slides of the departments or programs the person was most often associated with. Please also check out the University Photograph Collection.

Adams, Jean2/1
Ahrens, Ann31/1
Akinc, Mufit40/8
Aldworth, Susan37/13
Anderson, John29/7
Anderson, Terry56/2
Andre, Dean36/9
Atanasoff, John Vincent48/2
Avalos, Hector48/1, 52/3
Avaramides, Achilles42/13
Babcock, Bruce42/8, 42/10
Bassham, Bogadamore132/12
Beardshear, William M.2/2
Belter, John55/11, 56/6
Benke, Roy36/8
Bessey, Charles2/2
Birt, Diane41/2
Blackwelder, Murray29/5
Boon, Bill132/4
Bronson, Charlotte38/5
Brooke, Carly40/14
Brown, Greg133/8
Buchanan, Robert E.30/9
Buck, Griffith38/3
Caldwell, Tonya38/8
Campbell, J.R.41/11
Carver, George Washington56/4
Catt, Carrie Chapman56/3
Chalmer, Roy42/4
Chitnis, Chou-Curry132/13
Christianson, Nick37/14
Cleasby, Jack39/15
Collins, Joe39/3
Cook, Diane51/7
Cornette, Jim42/14
Covault, C.H.52/11
Eaton, Gordon2/6
Ebers, Larry39/1-2
Edge, Erica56/6
Egge York, Erika55/12
Evans, Nancy39/1-2
Farni, Ann132/6
Fehr, Gu132/14
Flynn, Barb132/8
Ford, Gerald1/7
Fouad, Aziz40/2
Gable, Dan55/13
Gardner, Gene39/3
Gemmill, Douglas41/4
Gradwell, Shelly36/8
Greenlee, Don and Diane52/3
Grover, Robert40/1
Gustafson, Don55/1
Hallauer, Arnel37/6, 133/1
Hamilton, Carl29/6
Hamrick, Florence39/2
Haynes, M.38/8
Hendrickson, Tony42/16, 132/8
Hill, Thomas30/12
Hilton, James H.2/3
Hira, Labh132/6
Hira, Tahira133/9
Holmes, C.L.42/9
Huang, Xiaoqui133/1
Hughes, H.D.37/5
Itote, Felicina132/6
Jischke, Martin2/7-9
Johnson, Lawrence41/2
Johnson, Roy132/7
Johnson, Stan2/11
Kawaler, Steve48/2
Kennedy, Edward1/8
Khrushchev, Nikita1/9
Kildee, H. H.36/9
Knight, Robert35/6, 56/6
Kolmer, Lee36/9
Kramer, Ted52/8
Krumhardt, Peter29/6
Lagomarcino, Virgil38/9
Lashbrook, Coralie133/2
Layton, Wilbur30/13
Littrell, Mary41/6
Lloyd, Peter52/4
Lundvall, R.L.52/11
Manatt, Bryan R.J.39/3
McCarney, Dan84/6
McCormick, Theresa38/10
McElroy, Jim132/7
Meeks, Carol B.40/12
Mills, Tim56/6
Misra, Manjit37/3
Mitchell R.37/5
Mittler, Ron133/3
Moon, Harley52/9
Moore, Wayne3/1
Mues, Rainer132/6
Oberg, Steve39/3
Oesterreich, Lesia40/13
Page, Boyd30/10
Palan, Kay132/9
Parks, William Robert2/4-5
Pearce, Brent37/5
Pickett, Mary40/15
Pohl, Nicola133/3, 133/7
Pride, Harold55/9
Quirmbach, Herman42/10
Ramsey, Frank52/12
Reichart, Brian35/8
Reichart, Brian56/6
Rice, Ronald38/4
Robinson (Dean of Students Office)31/3
Robinson, Daniel39/2
Ross, Richard52/6
Rudolphi, Thomas39/10
Russell, Alan40/10
Sandeen, Art31/3
Scanes, Colin36/5
Schilling, Chris40/9
Schmidt, Steffen48/4
Schnable, Pat37/6
Scholtes, W.37/5
Schuh, John39/2
Schwartz, James38/3
Schwieder, Dorothy42/13
Seagrave, Richard39/13
Shinn, Logan56/6
Sholes (Dean of Students Office)31/3
Skold, Karl52/10
Stanton, Edgar W.2/2
Stephenson, Gary51/7
Stern, Hal51/6
Storms, Albert B.2/2
Stufflebeam, Dennis38/8
Sutherland, Tom56/2
Tartakov, C.38/10
Tartakov, Gary132/3
Thompson, Don39/9
Thralls, Charlotte42/12
Tiffany, Lois42/5
Tuttle, Sue Ellen133/7
Van Iten, Dick42/3
Vanderploeg, Martin40/7
Vasher, Jessica56/6
Wang, Kan133/4
Western, Shantanese35/7
Whitham, Steve133/5, 133/7
Wilson, T.A.39/14
Woods, Ian52/3