Digital Collections

Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) has a tradition of digitizing and providing online access to its collections. The links below take you to websites where you can search these digital objects.

Digital Collections, managed by the University Library Digital Initiatives, highlight works and collections from the Iowa State University Library, including material from SCUA. These materials include photographs, manuscripts, artifacts, books, and audiovisual formats.

Iowa State University Digital Repository provides free and open access to scholarly and creative works, research, publications and reports by Iowa State's faculty, students, staff and administrative units. University publications, theses, and extension reports are included in the Digital Repository that are also available, in their original format, in SCUA.

YouTube displays a number of audiovisual materials held by SCUA, including films produced by Iowa State University and WOI-TV. These materials mostly focus on the activities of Iowa State faculty, staff, students, and alumni. They cover the topics of agriculture, science, technology, home economics, and campus events. 

Aviary provides enhanced access to audiovisual collections, including services such as closed captioning, full-text searching of captions and transcripts, and syncing of captions with text.

Online Exhibits provide a curated look at some of the stories found within the library’s unique, rare, and uncommon materials.

Archive-It is a website preservation service provided by the Internet Archive. Browse historic websites created by Iowa State University or other organizations whose records we collect.