Reading Room Policies and Procedures

Please help us safeguard our valuable and unique materials by observing the following rules:

1. Patrons must create accounts in Aeon. Aeon is a special collections and archives request system. ISU users  
    can create an account in Aeon using Okta.

2. No food or beverages of any kind are allowed. Jackets, coats, backpacks, purses, etc., must be placed in  
    the closet and lockers to the right of the front desk. 

3. Use only pencil when taking notes,.

4. Use colored note paper provided by department. Your own notebooks or note paper not allowed.

5. Laptops are permitted, laptop bags or sleeves are not.

6. Cameras or photographic equipment may be used with permission. Personal scanners are not permitted.

7. Hands must be clean to handle materials. 

8. Researchers are requested to observe the following: 

  • Use one folder from a box at a time
  • Maintain existing order within each folder and box
  • Use placeholder when removing folders
  • Do not remove items from folders--bring entire folder when scanning materials or showing something to staff
  • Notify the Reference Desk if any materials are damaged or appear out of order
  • Lay folders flat on table when in use

9. All materials must be viewed in the reading room. Materials do not circulate.

10. The use of some materials may be restricted by statute, the office of origin, or by the donor. The researcher must assume full responsibility for fulfilling the terms connected with any restricted material. The Library reserves the right to restrict the use of materials which are not processed, of exceptional value, and/or fragile.

11. For all bound volumes, foam book supports are located in the cabinets above the hold shelves. Book weights are also available in a box located in the far left cabinet. Never put pressure on spines of books.

12. Only one person allowed to handle materials at a time.

13. Off-site/Library Storage Building materials must be requested by 12pm on Monday to be delivered Wednesday after 2 pm. Requests placed after Monday will be picked up on Wednesday the following week.


Please note the reading room is under video surveillance.