Audiovisual Materials

There are a few places to find A/V material. Please be sure to review our policies for accessing our A/V materials. 

  • You can click on any of the links listed. Once on the lists, you will do a simple ctrl+f search.

WOI-TV 16mm Films

WOI-TV News Clips

WOI-TV Video Tapes

Iowa State University and related 16mm Films and Videos

  • Second, some of our videos have been digitized and uploaded to YouTube.
  • Some A/V material is listed in the finding aids for the collections. Search CARDinal using terms such as “cassette tape”, “video”, or “film”. 
  • You can also search our A/V materials by using the library catalog. You can set up an Advanced Search for our materials by limiting the Search Scope to Special Collections and the Material Type to Audiovisual.