ISU Stories

Open to the entire ISU community, this project seeks to record how faculty, students, staff, alumni, and others are responding to and dealing with the effects of COVID-19. 

Who can participate? 

All members of the ISU community, anywhere and everywhere. 

What should I record? 

  • Did you move off campus suddenly due to COVID-19 in Spring 2020? What was that experience like, what kind of help did you have? Did you still have personal belongings on campus?  

  • How are your classes going? What kinds of messages have you received from professors? How are other students handling the changes? How are you handling it?  

  • Are you involved in student organizations, sports or clubs? How has COVID-19 and campus response affected those?  

  • What is happening in your daily life at home? How are your parents/friends/partners/etc. doing?  

  • Do/did you have a job on or off campus? What kind of work did you do, and how has that been affected by COVID-19, lock-downs, and quarantine?  

  • Have you been involved in ISU’s response? What has been your experience and how have things gone? What would you say are the most innovative responses you have seen and/or participated in on campus? 

  • How has the University’s Administration response impacted you directly? 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How long should I engage in this project? 
    • This situation is ongoing with an uncertain end date. Please feel free to record your experiences for as long as you are interested. 
  • When/how often should I submit? 
    • You may submit a series of entries over time, or you may submit all at once at the end of your project. 
  • Can I restrict materials? 
    • Yes, you may restrict materials for 1 year, 3 years, or another period of time from date of deposit. You may specify the period of time for restricting materials on the submission form for digital submissions, or deed of gift for physical submissions. We reserve the right to refuse materials for unreasonable restrictions, including restricted indefinitely. If you have concerns, please reach out directly to Greg Bailey at
  • Can I submit anonymously? 
    • Yes, if you feel your submission would endanger your well-being, you may choose to submit anonymously using our submission form. 

Questions or concerns? 

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Greg Bailey at