Iowa Stories

COVID-19 has affected every Iowan in multilayered ways. Health concerns, livelihoods, family life, socializing, spiritual life, schooling—all these and more have been affected in some way by the pandemic. 

We invite every Iowan, of all ages and walks of life, to participate in recording their experiences throughout this time. Individuals who have submitted to our other projects are also welcome to submit to this project. 

What to record 

Feel free to record any aspects of your experience that you wish. These are a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to record your thoughts or experiences on any topic related to your experiences during the pandemic. 

  • Have you or anyone you know contracted COVID-19? What symptoms did you experience? What was the response from medical personnel?  

  • Have you gotten COVID testing? What was the experience like? 

  • Have you experienced job loss or furloughs? How have you coped?   

  • Do you work in healthcare? What are your experiences? Did you have problems getting access to PPE? How are your working conditions? How are you managing stress levels?  

  • Are you an essential worker? What has your experience been?  

  • Are you a small business owner? How has your business been affected?  

  • How has the State of Iowa’s response impacted you directly?  

  • How do you socialize? In what ways have you changed or adapted your usual activities? 

  • How has the long-term social isolation and the overall chaos impacted your day-to-day habits? What are some hobbies, interests, projects, rituals, or coping mechanisms you have picked up during this time?  

  • Are you single and dating? How has your dating life been affected by the pandemic?  

  • What have holidays and special occasions looked like for you during this time? 

  • Are you a student? How has your school experience been affected? 

  • Are you a parent? What have been the challenges or surprises of parenting in a COVID-19 world? 

Keep in mind that important information for historians will include times and dates of events, observations, and entries, names of geographic locations, organizations, people, and/or other factual information that provides context to your story.  Please do not include any personal information, aside from names, of any individuals including yourself. Personal information includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.   

Questions or concerns 

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Amy Bishop directly at